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Design Services


It is a mission of Nitetime Designs to provide complete and innovative outdoor lighting design and lighting solutions through the professional installation and supply of quality lighting fixtures and materials.

If you are building a new home, renovating an existing home or constructing a landscape, let us help you to transform your outdoor areas into a wonderland of beauty with illuminated walkways, trees, flowers and fountains.

Installation Services


Nitetime Designs installs a wide range of high quality lighting fixtures as well as transformers, sensors and cables to surely turn your home or business into a beautiful and safe night time illuminated environment.

With our highly trained installation technicians- backed by years of industry experience- Nitetime Designs has earned a proud reputation for offering affordable excellence.

Maintenance Services


Landscape lighting requires periodic maintenance to maintain it's integrity and overall peak performance. Nitetime Designs offers repairs and maintenance to all outdoor lighting systems, even if we did not originally install the one you are currently using.

Maintenance Procedures:

  1. Lamp Replacement.
  2. Cleaning fixtures and lenses.
  3. Straightening and adjusting of all the fixtures.
  4. Checking timers, sunset switch and transformer.
  5. Movement of fixtures to accommodate growth of landscaping.
  6. Other repairs as needed.

Electrical Services


We offer electrical services for any outdoor lighting occasion.

Installation and repairs to:

  • All Exterior Lighting (even if we did not originally install the one you are currently using)
  • Switches, motion sensors
  • Power outlets
  • Timers, Sunset switches
  • Custom made Solar kits for outdoor lighting
  • Transformers
  • LED Conversions to existing lighting systems

Nitetime Designs is SmartWired (TM) Designer and licensed electrical contractor.



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