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Creating a nightlife for you and your garden

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Professional and dedicated landscape & garden lighting specialist servicing
residential and commercial properties in Brisbane, AU.

Transform the appeal, the use, the safety and the value of your home and garden.


Landscape and Garden Lighting Services, Designs, and Electrical Installation

MT Cotton front

Bring out the beauty in your home at night.

Highlight features not noticeable in daylight.

Visually, your house will seem bigger.

mosaic waterwall

Enjoy a magical view of your garden viewed from your home.

Statues become mysterious.

And flowers are still in bloom at night!

Increased Value

Increase the value of your property, your greatest investment.

Costs almost nothing to run.

10 years or more of usage from these top-quality fittings.

Light the Path

Light those trippy areas around your garden.

Family and guests may need to get around at night.

Show them that bike on the path, or the edge of that dark pond.

Natural Environment

Naturally integrate your house and garden living environment.

Barbecues no longer have to be scheduled around the sun.

Cricket, frisbees, games can happen at night.

pool area

Low voltage lighting is ultra-safe.

Can be exposed safely to damp conditions.

Safe around children, pets and the DIY specialist!


Steps We Take

We make it very easy for our Customers because we identify and follow methodically certain Garden Lighting Steps on the way to completing the Project. So everyone knows where they stand.


FREE Expert Consultation

As you may imagine, consultation is best carried out at night because the actual results of different lighting effects and fixtures can be shown to you there and then, on the spot.

Pekka brings along a special demo kit comprising a transformer, 25m of cable and an introductory grouping of some of the most popular fixtures, which he can set up in a flash.

Some contexts in some gardens require a more specialised lighting approach. While Pekka may not have the fixture with him, he will be able to tell you about it and its effect in the context.

Design, Drawn-up Plan, Bill of Materials and Quotation

If you would like Nitetime Designs to do the job, the first and most important step that Nitetime would take would be to carry out a detailed design.

This is both a technical and aesthetic challenge. The night-time transformation of your garden with optimal performance from each lighting fixture in the setting is NOT THE WORK OF A MINUTE.

Installation and Test

You have decided to get Nitetime Designs to do the job. Nitetime Designs will carry out the installation as precisely and thoroughly as if it were a 240v installation with extreme safety and protection requirements.

True, low voltage cable will be buried 75mm and not 600mm but in all other respects, the wiring and insulation standards brought to bear will be faultless.

Why can we say this? Because Pekka is a qualified electrician and it's not in his nature or training to do imprecise 12v electrical work (although safe).

Critique, Adjustment and Sign-off

This is the time for review and adjustment. Perhaps a design fault becomes apparent at this stage in an integrated test at night-time and a different fixture is required to draw the best out of the specific garden corner or context. Or perhaps an item of garden d├ęcor is needed to draw the eye.

And when you are finally delighted with the night-time transformation of your garden, let Pekka take a couple of photos to add to his Gallery.

Why Choose Nitetime Designs?

Because Nitetime Designs is a ONE-STOP SHOP
for all your Garden and Water lighting projects

  • Expert Consultation
  • Knowledgeable Design
  • Top-quality Products
  • Qualified Electrician
  • Proper Installation
  • Comprehensive Guarantees

Optional Maintenance Agreement

Nitetime Designs give the following Guarantees:

  • Two years on Installation
  • Two years on Lighting fixtures (not bulbs)
  • Two years on Transformer

Nitetime can of course provide a maintenance program which involves cleaning, and adjusting fixtures and timers. This is entirely optional and the annual charge for this can be worked out at the time as it varies from application to application.

Selected Works

Pergola  clayfield
Island Night
Pergola Peace
Fireplace B.H.
Mt Cotton patsas
Fountain Lights
Well-lit Path




Nitetime Designs

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